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About Us

Triologics Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd. has a decade of experience and expertise in creating complete Industrial Finishing Solutions for all kinds of product requirements.


In all our resources from the material that we source and people that we employ to the solutions and products that we sell.

sand making machines

Spray Guns & Feedings

Well balanced & light wt. gun , Air caps & needle nozzle combination Precision air & fluid adjustment

stone crushers

Auto Painting Systems

High speed operation, Controlled painting parameters like DFT, Finish etc., Increased productivity,

Vibrating Screens

Paint Shop Accessories

Paint & air hoses and connectors, Air Motors, Fluid Regulators, Air Regulators, Paint Filters, Fittings, Extension Zozzles

Perforated Sheets

Booths & Ovens

In Pressurized Paint Spray Booth, filtered air supply is provided to booth working chamber

Our Team

We have a team of qualified engineers, service technicians and skilled workers who look after procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, product development and servicing.