About Us

Triologics Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd. has a decade of experience and expertise in creating complete Industrial Finishing Solutions for all kinds of product requirements.


Triologics was founded in 2002 by a team of technocrats, with over 18 years of experience each in the finishing industry, in the field of Surface Coating plants and equipments. Within the management team we cover all aspects of the surface coating industry, which includes spray finishing equipments & systems in both liquid & powder coating. With a rich experience in product development and six sigma quality management procedures and ISO 9001:2008 certification, the group is hard wired to provide quality products & solutions to its customers.

Our Team

We have a team of qualified engineers, service technicians and skilled workers who look after procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, product development and servicing. Along with this we have a dedicated sales team that takes care of sales & application and supports our customers at all levels. Our well-established vendor base for outsourcing of peripherals supports us to meet our quality and supply targets. Triologics also has a team of experienced channel partners situated at key locations all over India, who provide sales and service support to our customers.

Our Mission

"To manufacture quality products, provide innovative solutions to the Surface Coating Industry and maintain high standards of Service Levels so as to be recognized as a priority vendor in the industry, by both Manufacturers and our Channel Partners."

Our Vision

"We are dedicated to creating a standard in the Finishing Industry that sets us apart, by continuously analyzing challenges that arise in the industry and engineering innovative solutions of the highest quality with complete service back up. We are determined to make Triologics synonymous with Finishing Genius not only in India but worldwide.

3 Commandments That Set Us Apart

• Consultant Approach to meet any finishing requirement that may arise with the client, we promise to do a detailed analysis of the problem situation to come up with an economical customized solution for our client.
• Customer satisfaction is our primary objecti fore, we always focus on our customers and keep them at the core of all our processes. This helps us to better serve their objectives and provide efficient: economical solutions.
• Minimum turnaround time on all our orders so that our clients are never inconvenienced

The Triologics Value Proposition

In all our resources from the material that we source and people that we employ to the solutions and products that we sell.

In products, people and solutions for superior productivity is a critical part of the way we conduct business


Our products and solutions are developed keeping client requirements in mind so that we provide the best service before and after we deliver to minimize problems and create a long term service based association with clients.

Turnkey Project Implementation

Triologics prides itself on being one of the few companies in India that provides customized solutions that not only make use of state of the art technology but are also economical and feasible in application.

Triologics manufactures a range of standard finishing products that are ready to use across industry verticals like automotive, engineering. Pharmaceuticals, food processing, white goods etc. However, our forte is creating economic customized solutions and converting any manual coating process into auto/semi - auto coating systems. These systems guarantee increased productivity, consistency in process parameters like uniform coating & constant DFT, minimizing man hour requirements, decreased down time and enhanced shop floor cleanliness.

As showcased above we follow a set system for project management that ensures timely, economic and detailed handling of client requirement from inception to completion. All client enquiries go into our enquiry monitoring system (EMS) whereby each and every project is handled as a separate problem to create a tailored solution.

All our systems are based on the following components depending on the requirement :
• A specially and suitably designed auto applicator
• A supporting feeding system
• An applicable over spray protection system
• A material handling system
• Electro - pneumatic controls and sensors
• Flash off and baking systems

We assure our customers that we will use our knowledge & expertise to tailor - make a solution that will best suit their requirement keeping in mind efficiency and feasibility.

Service Is Our Prime Responsibility