1. Aqua Clean Systems Private Limited

Aqua Clean Systems caters to parts cleaning machines and is an entity managed by highly experienced professionals with a wide experience in the field of parts cleaning technology. Aqua Clean manufacturs both standard and custom designed component cleaning machines in conveyorized and batch type categories.

Manufacturers component cleaning machines of the following categories :

  • Roto -Clean single stage cleaning
  • Roto -Cab Spray cleaning
  • Dip-Dunk – Agi cleaning
  • Conveyorised, Multi -stage cleaning
  • Custom-built cleaning machines

2. Bullows Paint Equipment Private Limited

Bullows is the pioneer of spray painting technology in India. Bringing forth a precision range of products and solutions such as Spray Painting Equipments, Spray Painting Booth and Systems, Automatic Painting Solutions, Turnkey Painting Solutions, Wagner Industrial Painting Equipments etc.