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Gudel India Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Liquid Spray Painting Dry Back Booth & Special Applications Booths

We are a swiss Multinational, as a company we have always been very critical about our process of vendor selection. Our primary focus is Technical competence & Service level proficiency, Specifically for Capital Equipment. Triologics, one of the well established names in the Surface Coating industry had to go through lot of scrutiny before they supplied us Liquid Spray booth & Special Applications Booth.

The Product quality, Delivery and service that Triologics provided with their dedicated, well experienced team, speaks volumes about their integrity and professionalism. Moreover, the characteristic that makes their service even more commendable is their response time. They are one of the few, who strive to give their best to everything that they do, be it the quality of their products and systems or the service provided by them. We are truly satisfied with their deliverables & look forward to have enhanced more business relations with them.

Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
Turn-Key Liquid Painting Booth & Baking System With ITW-Make 2K Systems & Paint Kitchen

Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd is a German Multinational. We pride ourselves as being one of the most reputed names in the global market in our field of operations. For one of our Green field Projects we were looking for surface coating Equipments & Systems on turn - key basis. After doing a brief field survey, we shortlisted a few names and Triologics, a Pune based company was one of them. We evaluated all probable alternatives with detailed techno-commercial discussions. All the reviews, site visits and reports/feedbacks that we received about Triologics during this in-depth research were very positive and exciting.

Based on our internal analysis, we decided to go ahead with Triologics for supply of entire surface coating system consisting of Painting equipments. Double wash side draft Spray Booth & Baking Oven on turnkey basis inclusive of Installations at site. Being a green field project, it involved a lot of integration of systems right from civil construction to all sets of utilities. Triologics, being experienced in such projects, was well equipped to meet all the needs & demands. We found their entire project management system finely tuned to deliver all committed deliverables. Their response to any eventualities & flexibility to support alterations in proposed plans were worth appreciating. We are also extremely satisfied with their after sales service & timely supply of spares.

3M India Ltd., Pune
Automated Liquid Spray Painting & Exhaust System ( Manufacturing & Integration )

3M India is a US based MNC; we were evaluating sub-contractors for setting-up our Ranjangoan Plant in Pune. We short listed different vendors, each having their own strengths. Triologics was chosen from the rest by virtue of their strength of flexibility, indigenization capabilities & customization of designs provided by us. Triologics is amongst few who customizes solutions and in the process demonstrates a lot of flexibility. They have a vast experience in surface coating field that matches our requirements and expected standards. Our Project is in execution stage & we are very happy with its progress.

Uravi T & Wedge Lamps Pvt. Ltd., Thane
Converized Bulb Coating And Baking Systems

We are one of the Leading automotive bulb manufacturing entities in India. To enhance our productivity and to cater to our overseas customer base we were in need of a systems integrator who could provide us an automated system for bulb coating & baking that met our rate of production & our strict quality norms.

As Triologics had a decade of experience in manufacturing customized surface coating solutions, we entrusted upon them the delivery of our system. At Trial stage lot of improvements were suggested by our design & Quality team which were discussed in depth & the team at Triologics accepted & accommodated valid deviations. We continuously face issues with our infrastructure & electrical sensors. Triologics have been very responsive and have helped us troubleshoot the same.

Yuje Marketing, Bangalore
Business Associate
We have been associated with Triologics since its inception. We also knew all the founders before Triologics was formed. They are not only our Principals but now have become more like friends or extended family. We have been partners in growth for over a decade with a win-win relationship. Their trustworthy, transparent & ethical business practices are the key to our long continued business relations with them.

We take immense pleasure in stating that all our customers from Automotive & Engineering sectors using Triologics range of products are very satisfied and happy. Their products have helped us immensely in increasing the brand value of our company. It won't be wrong to say that we truly owe a part of our success to team Triologics and their products & services.

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