Powder Coating Equipments


Powder Coating Equipments


Integrated power supply technology
Electro - pneumatic compact control panel
Light weight gun
Fault indication display for reduced down time
Application based set of nozzles
Finger touch trigger
Economically priced
Hoppers of various size & capacities
Spike & Surge protection (optional)
Available in auto version with reciprocator

Powder flow regulator 110/240 VACTo adjust powder low
Pattern regulator To adjust pattern of powder
Fluidising regulator To fluidise powder in powder tank
KV Knob To adjust KV settings

Power Required 110/240 VAC
Cycles 50/60 Htz
Nominal Voltage to Gun 10 VAC
Temperature Range 2 to 50 Dec Cel
Compressed Air Inlet 1/4" BSP
Max Input Pressure 10 Bar
Min Input Pressure 5 Bar
Max Water Vapour Content Air 1.3 G /M3
Max Oil Vapour Content 0.1 PPM
Control Solenoid Valve 24VAC
Gun Tip Voltage 80 to 90 KV
Capacity 10KG std.
Power Required 110/240VAC
Electro -Pneumatic Control with fault indication Option of MS & SS Tank
Available with Variety of Muzzle & Nozzle