Furno 700 Heat Guns
Furno 700 Heat Guns

117 Temperature settings range from 125F - 1300F
1500 Watts / 5100 BTUs
5 Fan Settings + cool-down setting
Durable Ceramic Element
LCD Display screen with push-button controls
Includes 2 nozzles & a 5-in-1 painters tool
Ergonomic Design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue
Side Bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface
Integrated Stand for safe hands-free operation
Soft-Grip Handle for comfort

The Furno 700 heat gun is suited to the heavy DIY'er that knows how to use these power tools. The broad temperature range makes it ideal for a variety of projects, such as softening putty and caulk, stripping paint, and thawing frozen pipes. The Furno 700 has 117 temperature settings, 5 fan speeds, and 2 nozzles to help accomplish many projects that require heat.