Conventional Spray Guns
Conventional Spray Guns
Conventional Spray Guns
Conventional Spray Guns

The Earlex Spray Port 6000 series is designed to suit the experienced woodworker, professional finishing shop and occasional on-site use. The 6002 is the entry level system with a 1200W 2-stage turbine and provides the perfect solution for thin-to-medium paint coats and occasional use. The 6003 is a step up in power and performance from the 6002 with a 1200W 3-stage turbine. Ideal for increased atomization of thin or thicker coats and increased production speed.

HyperFlexTM Hose

The new HyperFlex™ hose is the most lightweight and flexible hose on the market. The hose has always been the last thing to be developed by manufacturers, but it was something Earlex felt was critical to user interface and performance.

Specifically designed for the professional, it has quick-connect gun functionality and removes the need to have a whip hose avoiding unnecessary arm fatigue. It’s so flexible that it allows the user to manipulate the gun without the hassle and weight of moving a thick heavy hose. It’s crush-resistant, sufficient to withstand someone inadvertently standing on the hose.

Technical Data Unit of Measure 6003 - G / P

Technical Data 6003 Unit of Measure G /P 6003
Pro 8™ Spray Gun option
Pressure fed / Gravity
Turbine type
Motor type
- Tangential
Air filters -
Dual removable
Power w 1200
Fluid tip and air cap set mm mm 1.3 (and wide spray)
Container option L (Qt) 1.0 (0.9) / 0.6 (0.5)
Maximum pressure bar (psi) 0.37 (5.5)
Working pressure bar (psi) 0.25 (3.6)
Hose length m (ft) 7.6 (25)

SprayPort 6000 Features and Benefits

Rugged lightweight robust assembly providing hardwearing portability
Dual reticulated open cell air filters for continual flow of cleaner air for atomization
Quick easy access filters for easy maintenance and replacement
Retractable gun dock for convenient storage during use
7.6m (25ft) HyperFlex™ hose for easy movement with quick-connect fitting
Choice of Gravity-Fed or Pressure-Fed paint containers for all application options