Moto Coat Complete Auto Sprayers

Moto Coat Complete Auto Sprayers
Conventional Spray Guns


Detailed Finish Nozzle and cup sprays thin materials with even coverage and smooth finish
X-Boost Turbine provides great atomization and the portable power for painting anywhere without additional equipment
39-feet of High-Flex Hose allows for complete maneuverability around a vehicle.
Spray attachments easily separate from the gun for quick clean-up and color changes
Adjustable material flow gives the user control to match the project application
Two Power Settings: For thin or thick coatings
Pattern direction and spray width adjustability
Retail Price $179.99
Durable, long lasting automotive paint spray gun
Professional looking results

The Wagner Moto Coat Customize Sprayer offers a portable spray system for applying paint coatings to automobiles without the need of added equipment. It is easy to use and perfect for applying any type of custom paint job to your car. The detail finish nozzle sprays thin coatings to create a smooth, even finish. It allows car enthusiast to create professional looking custom paint jobs on their own.

This automotive paint sprayer uses an advanced technology turbine to propel high volumes of air through the hose to the gun where it is forced through a revolutionary nozzle that creates the ideal spray pattern for coatings application. The Moto Coat Customize Sprayer is designed to spray customizing materials like plastic paint coatings such as Plasti Dip.