Paint Eaters

Paint Eaters
Paint Eater

A Velcro strap for a secure hand position & ladder work
Arbor lock for tool-less disk replacement
Innovative, contour conforming FLEX-DISC™ System
Spun-Fiber abrasive disc 
Rugged body for durability
Optimum machine speed (2,600 RPM) for aggressive paint removal & operator control
High performance 3M™ coating removal disk is not damaged by nails or screw heads & exhibits minimal clogging
Retractable handle for added stability and compact storage
Silicon boot protects on-off switch from dust and moisture
One-step coating removal and feathering saves project time
One-hand and two-hand operating positions with soft-grip design

Take the frustration out of paint removal and surface prep with the Wagner Paint Eater. This unique tool is designed and optimized to remove peeling paint without damaging the substrate, allowing for a smooth, long-lasting new coat of paint.  The special fiber disk with embedded abrasive effectively removes paint chips without clogging with paint and dust.

The Wagner Paint Eater has received the Member Tested and Recommended and the Contractor Tested and Recommended Seal from the Handyman Club of America. This is an independent group that tests and rates products. At least 2 out of 3 testers must recommend this product in order to earn the seal.