Project Pro 119
Conventional Spray Guns

For the ambitious handyman, maintenance people and service provider
With ProjectPro technology you will be better equipped for your coating jobs. Typical projects for the ambitious handyman such as the complete finishing of the interior or house redecoration, where a wide range of different objects such as wall and ceiling surfaces, doors, door frames, furniture, radiators, beams, banisters, steel beams, window shutters or carports are being coated, are among the ideal areas of use. But the equipment also offers a broad spectrum of use for projects by maintenance people and service providers who take care of hotels, residential premises or schools.

Reliable, quick and versatile in use, it is ready when ever signs of wear or graffiti have to be removed on walls and stairwells, or where extensive site fences or large surfaces such as a row of garage doors have to be quickly and effectively sprayed. ProjectPro equipment is also a powerful tool for anyone for whom painting is not their primary function; for instance a carpenter coating cladding on a wooden house or a fitter sealing steel beams with corrosion protection.

The ProjectPro 119 mobile piston pump exhibits its strengths especially in those areas of use which demand a very large radius of action : with the 15 metre-long delivery hose it can even reach high house gables. Thanks to its high performance capability this powerful paint spraying unit is also suitable for major projects in new buildings, redecoration and maintenance.

Technical Data
Power consumption 720 Watt
Max. nozzle size L/ 0,017“
Gun PP-05
Max. delivery 1.25l / min
Max. spraying pressure 200 bar
Hose length 15 m

Scope of Delivery
Tungsten carbide nozzle, Size XL / 0.019"
2 stainless steel cartridge filters L-XXL+

Product Benefits

Easy Transport

The ProjectPro 119 can change its position quickly on its wheels and can then be simply folded up for transport.

High grade metal guns

The metal gun is fitted with a practical reversible nozzle, so nozzle blockages can be eliminated in seconds.

Very easy to put into service and high operating safety

The valve depressor is actuated automatically when the unit is switched on. The unit is thus ready for use at any time.

High surface coverage and large radius of action

The 15 m long high pressure hose provides a large radius of action and hence flexible and quick work.

Works with high viscosity materials

Professional application of different coating materials, even viscous ones.

Direct intake from the original packaging

No decanting of the paint is required, simply let it rip!